Mother’s Day

I’ve been dreading today. And yet strangely looking forward to getting through it and beyond it. It’s another first milestone. This morning I was thinking about Mama’s life and her many unwritten but not unspoken pieces of wisdom. I remembered a story I’d forgotten. In 1985, during my last year in college, Glen and I were living in Oakdale and I was commuting to LC. Monday nights I had Commercial Law from 6PM-9PM so I stayed in Pineville those nights. I got a call one evening telling me that Glen was in the hospital with pneumonia. That would not normally be a huge deal except that in addition to having had Legionnaires’ disease Glen had also had pneumonia 6 times and almost died the last time he’d had it. I turned to my Mama trying not to panic and asked, “What am I going to do? What if he doesn’t make it?” My Mama looked at me, as calm as usual and said, “He’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. We’re going to be okay. Now pack your stuff and go to the hospital.” So I did. And she was right. The next semester Glen was in Houston recovering from lung surgery. After the surgery his dad left to head home and I was in Houston by myself. That evening I got a call that Glen was bleeding internally and they were taking him back into surgery. Mama and Daddy were coming to Houston the next morning so I called my Mama around midnight. Again she calmly explained what I was going to do. “Go get a cup of coffee and we’ll be there soon.” The next morning about 6AM she and Daddy walked into the hospital. They’d packed and left as soon as we got off of the phone. After checking on Glen she said, “Get your purse we’re going to breakfast. We’ll find a Cracker Barrel somewhere.”  And so we did. Totsy did not understand nor accept quitting. At anything. She was in some ways unbendingly optimistic and I hope to leave that type of legacy. Happy Mother’s Day to all the types of Mothers. Mothers who’ve given birth. Mothers who have adopted. Mothers who are single parents. Mothers who’ve lost their mothers. Mothers who’ve lost a child. Mothers who have a child they will meet in heaven one day. Mothers who haven’t “had” any children, yet play the all important role of mother in the life of someone that they love as their own.  Remember your mother today and love on all the mothers you know because they may need a little extra love today. Mothers don’t have the luxury of quitting and often they may be smiling on the outside while weeping on the inside. So look past the usual, the outside and see their hearts. Help them celebrate. Help them grieve. Just help them and love them.








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