While on our annual trip to Gatlinburg, we saw a store that advertised rocks…jagged crystals that are a lot like broken glass. Yes, pretty rocks, but still rocks. There is a sign that said, “No bare feet. Rocks are sharp.” It seemed an unecessary warning since the ground was littered with broken glass-like objects, but maybe they’ve had an unfortunate incident in the past. The “Great Glass Fiasco of 2012,” might have forever changed their perception of what is necessary signage. It seems  they could branch out into selling pets without any increase in overhead…or stock. Pet rocks. No microchip or food expenses. No vaccinations or medications. No pet sitters or boarding fees. No muss, no fuss. Advertising would be easy…”We will, we will rock you.” “Your pet rocks!” …rock and roll, rock steady, rockadoodle, rock a bye baby…the list is as endless as it is cheesy. There were little, tiny bags and a sign: “Fill a bag for $5.”  As my dad would say, ” That’s a deal at half the price.” He has also said, “If you sell something, somebody will buy it.” Also true. When rocks grow into boulders, or mountains, or continents then it’s impressive. I’m just not sure having a pocket full of rocks is the acme of dreams, but if a handful of colored glass brings a person joy, then good for them. Celebrate life.


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